Fish Chilli

Fish Chilli is a delicious recepie that every seafood lover would love to eat. I have been continously posting fish recepies since last few days as I am trying various recepies daily. Fish Chilli goes well with Chinese rice or noodles and even rotis and chapatis. I have made it semi dry , you can … Continue reading Fish Chilli

Paneer Cutlet

Monsoon and fried snack is an exciting combination . I love to munch on spicy and crispy fried food during rains,. Coz I am a foodie too😝.. Usually i make cutlets using veggies or chicken. This time I tried it with Paneer ( cottage cheese) .. and trust me it was super delicious. I can … Continue reading Paneer Cutlet

Stuffed Onion Rings

Stuffed onion rings is an innovative recepie , i got inspired by a video by Yum Recepies and gave it a try. It came out to be very yummy and delicious dish. The stuffing is made using potatoes and shredded chicken with some spices and then its rolled over flour and dipped it egg and … Continue reading Stuffed Onion Rings

Cheesy Nacho Basket

CHEESY NACHO BASKET .. this is an innovative recepie.. Nachos which is usually prepared of cornmeal is made here using wheat flour and potatoes , the salsa is made using tomatoes and few spices n herbs and its placed in a basket / katori made with spicy grated potato. Recepie : Preparation time :30 mins … Continue reading Cheesy Nacho Basket

Chilli Chicken

One of my favourite Indochineese recepie is Chicken Chilli..  I have tried to make it the restaurant way.. juicy and yummy. Every time I make this I never got the same taste like in restaurant but this time finally I succeeded in making a perfect recepie. I havent used ajinomoto or Chineese salt in this … Continue reading Chilli Chicken

Egg Balls

Earlier I had made Egg Balls but its completely different from this recepie. Here i have used Potato stuffing to cover the hard boiled eggs and then rolled it over vermicilli to get a crispy texture. Preparation time: 10 mins Cooking time: 20 mins Serves: 4 INGREDIENTS: Eggs : 4 Potato : 2 boiled Onion: … Continue reading Egg Balls