Mutton Burger

Are you craving for junk food ? But you back out thinking about all the health issues.. why don’t you try making it at home .. Yeah !!! It’s easy and healthy too.. I made these burgers for dinner for my family and they loved it.. I have used homemade Mayonnaise in this recepie which … Continue reading Mutton Burger

Kappa Puttu

Kappa Puttu or Kolli Puttu is steam cake made using Tapioca. Puttu is usually made using rice flour and grated coconut mixture. There are various innovations to this recepie and Kappa Puttu is one of them. In this recepie I havent used rice flour, Just the grated Tapioca alone.Its very simple and quick recepie to … Continue reading Kappa Puttu

Masala Bonda

It’s being more than a month at my hubby’s place and I got to learn and experiment various new recepies. One such recepie is Masala Bonda. In Mumbai similar kind of Vada is made for Vada pav but here the spices and masalas are different . This is usually had with chutney for breakfast or … Continue reading Masala Bonda

Paneer Cutlet

Monsoon and fried snack is an exciting combination . I love to munch on spicy and crispy fried food during rains,. Coz I am a foodie too๐Ÿ˜.. Usually i make cutlets using veggies or chicken. This time I tried it with Paneer ( cottage cheese) .. and trust me it was super delicious. I can … Continue reading Paneer Cutlet

Fried Chicken Roll

I was lazy enough to cook many dishes for dinner and thought of making something different which is filling as well as easy to prepare. And I ended up making this fried chicken rolls with chappatis, veggies and fried chicken pieces. Checkout the recepie below ๐Ÿ‘‡ Preparation time : 10 mins Cooking time : 10 … Continue reading Fried Chicken Roll

Pav Bhaji

PavBhaji is a very popular fast food in several parts of India specially in Mumbai. One can find PavBhaji served all all the street side stalls and restaurants. The thick glossy vegetable gravy served with buttered paavs are not only treat to our eyes but delicious too.ย  I often make it for breakfast or snacks. … Continue reading Pav Bhaji