Mixed sprouts salad

Sprouts are considered a wonder-food because of their high nutritional value. Sprouts ensure blood purification and strengthen the immune system to protect against several diseases. In Naturopathy, sprouts are referred to as a medicine. This recepie is a very good option for people keen on weight loss.it can be made for breakfast or snack. Preparation … Continue reading Mixed sprouts salad

Grilled Chicken Salad

Preparation time: 5 mins Cooking time: 15 mins Serves: 2 INGREDIENTS:  Chicken pieces: 100 gm ( 5 to 6 pieces) Red capsicum: 1/2 cup Yellow capsicum: 1/2 cup Baby corn : chopped 1/2 cup Cherry tomatoes: 2 halved Iceberg lettuce: few chopped Cabbage: finely chopped 1/2 cup Carrot: finely chopped 1/2 cup Celery: few chopped … Continue reading Grilled Chicken Salad

Mayo green salad

This salad consists mainly of green veggies. A very healthy diet recepie. You can add Mayonaise of your choice.Here I have used Olive Mayonaise. Ingredients: Cucumber: 1 cubed Lettuce: 1/2 cup chopped Cabbage: red n green 1/2 cup chopped Carrot :1 chopped Bell peppers : chopped Black pepper powder: 2 tsp Lime juice : 1/2 … Continue reading Mayo green salad

Sauteed veggies

This is a very healthy recepie .It can be served as a side dish or as a single meal too.Best detox recepie for diet followers. Ingredients: Brocolli: 1/4cup Button Mushrooms: 3 to 4 chopped Bellpeppers (green,yellow,red): 1/2each chopped Red cabbage:1/2 cup finely chopped Black pepper :1 tsp Oregano: 1tsp Salt:for taste Olive oil Preparation: In … Continue reading Sauteed veggies

Italian vegetable salad

Ingredients: Cucumber: 1 peeled and finely chopped Zucchini:1 chopped into small pieces Carrots:1 chopped Beetroot:1 chopped Onion:1 chopped Celery leaves:few Spring onion leaves:few Cabbage:chopped 1/2cup Sprouted pulses:1/2 cup Brocolli:1/2cup Button mushrooms:chopped 1/2cup Butter:2tsp Flax seeds:2tsp Lemon juice:1tbsp Pepper powder:1tsp Dried oregano:1 tsp Dried thyme:1tsp Salt:for taste PREPARATION: In a bowl take warm water and add … Continue reading Italian vegetable salad

Pasta Vegetable Salad

Preparation time:15 mins Cooking time:10 mins Serves :3 Ingredients: Boilled pasta-1 cup Blanched brocolli-1 cup Blanched carrots-1/2 cup dried oregano-1l2 tsp dried thyme-1/2 tsp black pepper powder-1 tsp tomatoes- 1 cup finely chopped green chillies-finely chopped coriander leaves- finely chopped salt-for taste pasta masala-1 tsp butter-1 tbsp   How to prepare: In a wok add … Continue reading Pasta Vegetable Salad