Beetroot carrot juice

Beetroot carrot juice is a very healthy juice, which if had regularly improves your health conditions.It has a slightly earthy, yet deliciously sweet flavour to it. It is packed with Vitamins A, K, beta carotene from the carrots and antioxidants and folate from the beets. The ginger will provide you with anti-inflammatory benefits. Preparation time: 10 … Continue reading Beetroot carrot juice

Chickoo Milkshake

Preparation time: 10 mins Serves: 3 INGREDIENTS: Chickoo : 6 to 7 Milk: 3/4  cup Ice cubes: few Powdered sugar: 3tsp Grated almonds and cashews : for garnishing PREPARATION: Remove the peel of chickoo and cut it into small pieces. In a blender add chickoo pieces,milk,sugar and ice cubes and blend to a smooth consistency. … Continue reading Chickoo Milkshake

Rose Falooda

Preparation time : 20 mins Serves: 4 INGREDIENTS: Milk : boiled and cooled 2 cups Falooda sev/ vermicilli :1 cup Sabja /chia seeds :1/2 cup Jelly : 1/2 cup Dry fruits : finely chopped :1/2 cup Vanilla icecream : 4 scoops Rose syrup : 1/2 cup Sugar : 2 tbsp PREPARATION: Boil milk add 2 … Continue reading Rose Falooda

Mixed fruit smoothie

Preparation time : 10 mins Serves : 2 INGREDIENTS: Watermelon: 1 cup Apple : 1 Bananas:2 small Chia seeds: 1 tsp soaked in warm water Milk:1/2 cup Ice cubes:few Honey (optional) You can add more fruits of your choice. PREPARATION: Blend together all fruits in a juicer along with milk and ice cubes. Pour it … Continue reading Mixed fruit smoothie