Fish Chilli

Fish Chilli is a delicious recepie that every seafood lover would love to eat. I have been continously posting fish recepies since last few days as I am trying various recepies daily. Fish Chilli goes well with Chinese rice or noodles and even rotis and chapatis. I have made it semi dry , you can … Continue reading Fish Chilli

Scrambled Egg Chilli

I am a great indochineese food lover and so I love trying different innovative recepies in Indochineese cuisine. Earlier I have made Egg chilli but in that recepie I had used hard boiled egg pieces as main ingredient.ย  Here in this recepie I thought of giving it a twist by scrambling the egg and using … Continue reading Scrambled Egg Chilli

Veg Hakka Noodles

I am a great fan of chineese food.. and I go crazy for fried rice and noodles… This is a very simple and easy Noodle recepie . Checkout the recepie below ๐Ÿ‘‡ Preparation time : 5 mins Cooking time : 15 mins Serves: 3 INGREDIENTS: Noodles: 1 packet Cabbage: 1/2 cup chopped Onion: 1 chopped … Continue reading Veg Hakka Noodles

Idli Chilly

Best way to use leftover idlis is to make it into this yummilicious indochineese dish. .. Idli Chilli.. perfect snack and kids special recepie. Preparation time : 5 mins Cooking time : 10 mins Serves: 3 INGREDIENTS: Idlis: 4 big size Onion: 1 big cubed Capsicum : 1 big cubed Garlic : 1 tbsp finely … Continue reading Idli Chilly

Chicken Fried Rice

I had made this fried rice few days back but I couldnt post it, so posting it now. After so many trials I can say finally I could make a proper restaurant style Fried Rice. I love chineese food and whenever I try making chineese food at home i never get that complete perfection but … Continue reading Chicken Fried Rice

Chilli Chicken

One of my favourite Indochineese recepie is Chicken Chilli..ย  I have tried to make it the restaurant way.. juicy and yummy. Every time I make this I never got the same taste like in restaurant but this time finally I succeeded in making a perfect recepie. I havent used ajinomoto or Chineese salt in this … Continue reading Chilli Chicken

Corn Fried Rice

White rice tossed with sauteed corn kernels and lots of veggies and made into fried rice ; easy to prepare and delicious too. Preparation time: 5 mins Cooking time: 10 mins INGREDIENTS: Boiled rice: 1 1/2 cups Corn kernels: 1/2 cup Bell peppers : 1/4 cup each ( green, yellow, red) Carrots: 1/4 cup finely … Continue reading Corn Fried Rice